Solid Wood Table Lamp Pleated Lampshade

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COLOR 1: 11" / 28cm (includes lampshade)

COLOR 2: 12" / 31cm (includes lampshade)


COLOR 1: 9.4" /24cm (includes lampshade)

COLOR 1: 6.3" /16cm (includes lampshade)


4" / 9.5cm


67" / 170cm

VOLTAGE 110v to 240v
LIGHTBULB E27 lightbulb ( Replaceable )
PLUG TYPE EU / US / AU / UK ( According to the order address match plug )
PACKING LIST 1 X Wooden Lamp Base (compatible with E26 and E27 bulbs)
1 X Unassembled Pleated Shade (please assemble the shade according to our manual when you receive package)
1 X E27 Light Bulb (replaceable)
1 X Assembly Manual
UL LISTED UL certification of our lamps

Handmade Charm

Each lamp is meticulously handcrafted, bringing a touch of personalized charm and uniqueness to your space. This mini table lamp, resembling vintage small lamps, serves as a perfect small accent lamp for your living room. Don't miss out on this unique small table lamp that adds a hint of nostalgia to your home. Order yours today and illuminate your space with style!

Eco-Friendly Appeal

The lamp base is made from environmentally friendly wood, complete with a natural wood grain appearance that adds a rustic touch to any room. It’s not just any ordinary small lamp for bedroom; it's a statement piece that speaks volumes about your commitment to the environment. Get yours now and let your room bask in its eco-friendly glow!

Adjustable Ambiance

With a 3-mode dimmable bulb included, easily switch between white, natural, and warm lighting to perfectly match your mood or setting. These settings make it an ideal miniature table lamp, giving you the option to adjust the ambiance as per your preference. Perfect for use as a small nightstand lamp, this feature ensures your bedroom always has the right vibe. Get this versatile lamp today!

Multi-Scenario Suitability

Compatible with both traditional and modern home decoration styles, this lamp seamlessly integrates with your existing décor. Its versatility extends to functioning as a small bedside lamp or even a little desk lamp. Ideal for use in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dorms, and as bedside table lighting, this lamp is as versatile as it is beautiful.  Whether you’re looking for small lamps for bedroom or mini tabletop lamps, this lamp has got you covered. Don’t wait – brighten up your space with this multi-scenario lamp today!

Durability And Convenience

Unlike ceramic lamps, this wooden table lamp is sturdy, lightweight, and won’t break if accidentally dropped, making it a practical choice for any home. It doubles up as a small table lamp and a small desk lamp, providing you with a durable and convenient lighting solution. Make the smart choice – purchase this lamp today!

Waterproof Elegance

The lampshade is not only waterproof but also effortlessly cleanable, ensuring your lamp retains its beauty over time. This feature makes it a great small lamp bedroom option, as you won’t have to worry about any accidental spills. Plus, the waterproof feature also makes it an excellent small lamp desk. Elevate your space by purchasing this elegant piece today!

Upgrade Your Home

Add a touch of elegance and style to your living room, bedroom, or any other space with our lamps. Experience the warmth and character they bring to your home.

ORDER YOURS TODAY - Illuminate your home with charm and elegance! Shop now and make our small table lamp a part of your decor. Experience the difference today.

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