Easy Quilling Kits

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Basic  Come With 840 Strips & 19 Quilling Tools
Deluxe  Come With 1860 Strips & 24 Quilling Tools
Gold  Come With 1860 Strips & 33 Quilling Tools

Bring out the fullness of your creativity with our Easy Quilling Kits
Our easy quilling kit is complete quilling tools, it comes with 840-1860 strips and 18-33 tools.
Twine the strip to make different shapes with our quilling knitting board. Based on your ideas to complete quilling different projects.
Save time with our electric quilling pen on quilling and focus more on your creatives. You'll never worry about losing any needles!
Make gorgeous different petals and leaves by twine the paper strips. 
Make two types of corrugated paper strips with just the turn of the knob.
Work with slotted tools, make holding & rolling tight circles a breeze.
Make perfect borders and shapes. Can make a circle and oval, square, triangle shape by squeeze it.
Making 3D quilling project.
These is our unique quilling patterns, which will help the beginner to easily practice and making very beautiful projects.
For different quilling projects, sometimes you need suitable pens that will make you more effective.
Our Quilling Paper is made in Japan and acid-free. It is the best paper for quilling projects.
The Squeeze Bottle is your brilliant helper for quilling projects.
3 in 1 Multifunction Grid Board(newest)
Basic Edition Come With
  • 1. Gradient Color Strips 21 x 0.2 inch,36 colors x 6 (720)
  • 2. Multiple Color Strips 21 x 0.2 inch,24 colors x2 (120)
  • 3. Lengthened Rolling Paper Pen x 1
  • 4. Wide Slotted Rolling Paper Pen x 1
  • 5. Deep Slotted Rolling Paper Pen x 1
  • 6. Normal Rolling Paper Pen x 1
  • 7. Needle Rolling Paper Pen x 1
  • 8. Fine Rolling Paper Pen x1
  • 9. Quilling Knitting Board x 1
  • 10. Multifunction Grid Template x 1
  • 11. Stainless Steel Tweezers x 1
  • 12. Quilling Sketch Drawing x 5
  • 13. A Box of Pearl Pin x 1
  • 14. Scissors x 1
  • 15. Electric Quilling Pen x 1 (no including AAA battery)
  • 16. Colorful A4 Paper x 1
  • 17. Curling Coach x1
  • 18. Glue Tray x1
  • 19. Quilling Ruler
  • 20. Color Tag Card x 2
  • 21. Half Ball Making Board x 1 (2 rows)
Deluxe Edition Come With
  • 1. Gradient Color Long Strips 21 x 0.2 inch,36 colors x 6 (720)
  • 2. Gradient Color Regular Strips 15 x 0.2 inch,36 colors x 6 (720)
  • 3. Multiple Color Long Strips 21 x 0.1 inch,36 colors x 1 (180)
  • 4. Multiple Color Long Strips 21 x 0.2 inch,24 colors x 1 (120)
  • 5. Multiple Color Long Strips 21 x 0.4 inch,24 colors x1 (120)
  • 6. Lengthened Rolling Paper Pen x 1
  • 7. Wide Slotted Rolling Paper Pen x 1
  • 8. Deep Slotted Rolling Paper Pen x 1
  • 9. Normal Rolling Paper Pen x 1
  • 10. Needle Rolling Paper Pen x 1
  • 11. Fine Rolling Paper Pen x1
  • 12. Quilling Crimper x 1
  • 13. Stainless Steel Tweezers x 1
  • 14. Quilling Knitting Board x 1
  • 15. Squeeze Bottle for Glue x 1(no glue included)
  • 16. Multifunction Grid Template x 1
  • 17. Half Ball Making Board x 1
  • 18. Box of Pearl Pin x 1
  • 19. Scissors x 1
  • 20. Quilling Comb X 1
  • 21. Quilling Sketch Drawing x 7
  • 22. Electric Quilling Pen x 1(no including AAA battery)
  • 23. Color A4 Paper x 2
  • 24. Curling Coach x 1
  • 25. Glue Tray x 1
  • 26. Quilling Ruler x 1
  • 27. Positioning Tool x 1
  • 28. Color Tag Card x 3
  • 29. Color Postcard x 1

Gold Edition Come With

  • 1. Deluxe Edition x 1
  • 2. Border Maker - Pyramid Rolling Tower X 1
  • 3. Border Maker - Triangular Rolling Tower X 1
  • 4. Border Maker - Conical Rolling Tower X 1
  • 5. Pearl Stickers X 1
  • 6. Gift

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